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If you have any questions on CampZone, or anything else we can help you with, please check the list of FAQs below.
If your question is not answered there, feel free to contact us!

COVID-19 related questions

Unfortunately, CampZone only fits in the summer vacation and because of this, we won’t be able to organise a new edition until 2021.

We are currently busy with the preparations for an online edition of CampZone. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook for more information.

Just like for other event organisations this is a very tough year for us. We hope that you want to help us by not refunding your ticket and instead turn it into a CampZone 2021 ticket. That is why we are going to assume that you want to keep your ticket. If you do want to get a refund then you can do so until May 31 by filling in this form. After this date, Eventix will process all refunds. If you don’t fill in the form your order will automatically be changed into a CampZone 2021 order on June 1.


If you can’t make it to CampZone 2021 after the date is announced then you will be able to get a refund by filling in a new form.

Currently, we don’t know if the t-shirts will be sponsored or for sale.

The event badge project will continue. We hope that the CampZone 2020 event badge of HackZone can be sent to participants so that you can participate during online workshops. Hopefully, they will be sponsored or available for a small donation.

General questions

CampZone takes place from July 24 at midnight until August 3 at noon in Veghel.  The address is Corridor 20, 5466 RC Veghel. Please see ‘Navigating to CampZone‘ for more information.

Immediately after purchasing you will receive your ticket in your mail box under the sender Eventix. If you can’t find it, check your spambox. No pre-checkin is needed, just bring your ticket either on paper or on your phone to CampZone, we’ll scan it on arrival and you can walk right on through.

No, there isn’t a minimum age for CampZone. For visitors younger than 18 it’s important to fill in the consent form that is emailed to all visitors.

This is possible. We sell visitor cards for 10 euros + 30 euros deposit. This card is valid from 10 AM till 10 PM. That means you need to get your deposit back at the entrance before that time, to leave the area. Please make sure you have the deposit in cash.

There is a lot to do at CampZone. Besides the gaming and having fun with your friends, you can participate in all the activities. For example, you can participate in all kinds of competitions, you can party all night long or play soap soccer and much more! Have a look at our program for more information.

Yes you can in our competitions! What you will win depends on the competition of course

It is okay to have some sound on during the day, as long as you do make sure you do not bother anyone else with it. The silence period is 10:00 PM to 10:00 AM. So be smart, bring your headset! If someone else’s sound is bothering you, please ask one of our Field Admins to help you out. They will also take action, if the noise continues.

Free parking for CampZone visitors is available at the car park across the event entrance. Please be aware this is an unguarded parking. You are not allowed to enter the field with your car, except for unloading / loading your camping gear. After unloading, your car must be parked at the parking area. It may be a good idea to bring a (hand) trolley to transport any groceries during your CampZone experience.

We offer various ticket types. A full event ticket is valid from the start of the event on the first Friday at midnight until the last Monday at noon. Midweek tickets are valid from Monday to Friday, noon to noon. Weekendtickets are valid from Friday to Monday, noon to noon. A 1-day ticket is valid from 12 AM to 12 AM on the next day.

First period (until 31-03):
Full event: € 249,-
Midweek: € 119,-
First weekend and launch night: € 99,-
Weekend: € 79,-
1-Day ticket: € 39,-

Second period (until 31-05):
Full event: € 279,-
Midweek: € 139,-
First weekend and launch night: € 109,-
Weekend: € 89,-
1-Day ticket: € 49,-

Third period (until 25-07):
Full event: € 299,-
Midweek: € 169,-
First weekend and launch night: € 125,-
Weekend: € 99,-
1-Day ticket: € 59,-

At the door:
Full event: € 339,-
Midweek: € 179,-
First weekend and launch night: € 139,-
Weekend: € 119,-
1-Day ticket: € 65,-

Visitor pass:
€ 10,- (+ a bail of € 30,- which you may only pay in cash)
Valid from 10 AM till 10 PM

Children younger than 11 years old are free of charge to visit CampZone, under guidance of parents or legal guardian.

If you already have a Discord account set up and the app installed, simply click this link to gain access to our CampZone Discord channel.

Questions on camping

Everything you would normally need for one and a half week of camping. And everything you need for the average LAN party. For example a tent or a camper, clothing, sleeping gear, cooking equipment if you want to cook and of course your PC and peripherals. Click here for a general packlist.

There should be enough space for everyone. Still, the usage of the field should be done optimally. It would be awesome if you don’t bring huge tents when you won’t fill them up ideally. Wasting space will not be tolerated. Your field admin will guide you with the tent placement.

Yes, of course! You can cook your food yourself or use a BBQ, as long as you keep the safety of yourself and others in mind. There is one mandatory rule: keep a bucket of water or sand near your BBQ. That way you can immediately put out the fire in case of troubles. At CampZone we’ll also facilitate a small catering area where you can buy snacks, french fries and other fastfood.


Bringing your own alcohol is allowed, but obviously we will follow the Dutch legislation. That’s why visitors under 18 years old are not allowed to buy, bring or consume alcohol.

Yes, of course! These come without extra costs.

No, this is not permitted at CampZone.

Luckily no! You should make sure your tent is waterproof though. Should you run into trouble however, like an unforeseen hole in your tent for example, you can go to your Field Admin for help. He can help try to keep your tent dry with plastic, or arrange to move you with your equipment.

You’re only allowed to enter the field with your car to unload / load your camping gear. After unloading you have to park it in the parking area. We kindly advise you to bring a (hand) trolley for any groceries after shopping, which you can bring to your pitch.

Yes you can. Including your attached tent. A caravan of 5 meters should be shared with 2 people. If you use an attached tent, it should be used by 3 or 4 people.

No, cycling is not allowed on the field.

It’s allowed to bring your dog or other animals to the event as long as you walk it outside of the event. Animals have to be leashed at all times.

Technical questions

We will do our best to provide very fast internet. However, no guarantees. You will share your connection with all the visitors of CampZone. That’s why the internet could sometimes be instable. We will do everything to fix any problems as they come up, so you can still update your friends and family on all the happenings at CampZone!

There is no straight answer for this, because it depends on the distance between your camping pitch and the nearest Field Admin. The average length will be around 25 metres, but in extreme cases it can be necessary (in an absolute corner) to have 75 metres of UTP. Due to the possible distance your UTP cable has to cover, we advise to get a high quality UTP cable. Cheap high quality cables can be found here. It is also possible to buy the cable while at CampZone. Your Field Admin will support you to the selling point. He can also help you with fixing your network cable, if necessary.

You have to share 1 power group (3560 watt) with 4 to 5 people. Please be aware about power consuming machines like water heaters, electric BBQs, waffle-irons, etc. Enormous power users (like heaters, dishwashers, air-conditioning, etc.) are not allowed.

You have to arrange your own (travel)insurance for your gear. You can do this at banks and insurance companies.

When you make sure your PC and monitor are warmer than the temperature of the surrounding area, there is absolutely no risk of condensation and shorting out your hardware. The smart thing to do is to keep your equipment running all night when the air is moist or turn it off and turn it on when the outside air has warmed up again.

Of course you can! Just don’t harass your neighbors with it.