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Order your tickets

Pricing per period
We offer various ticket types during special discount periods. The sooner you buy a ticket, the more discount you’ll receive on the price of a ticket. A full event ticket is valid from the start of the event on the first Friday at midnight until the last Monday at noon. Midweek tickets are valid from Monday to Friday, noon to noon. Weekendtickets are valid from Friday to Monday, noon to noon. A 1-day ticket is valid from noon to noon for 24 hours.

Below are listed our various discount periods and prices per ticket. Tickets are valid for one person max.

Full event: € 279,-
Midweek: € 139,-
First weekend and launch night: € 109,-
Weekend: € 89,-
1-Day ticket: € 49,-

Full event: € 299,-
Midweek: € 169,-
First weekend and launch night: € 125,-
Weekend: € 99,-
1-Day ticket: € 59,-

Full event: € 339,-
Midweek: € 179,-
First weekend and launch night: € 139,-
Weekend: € 119,-
1-Day ticket: € 65,-

Visitor pass:
€ 10,- (+ a bail of € 30,- which you may only pay in cash, we don’t accept cards for this)
Valid from 10 AM till 10 PM

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