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The CampZone Discord Channel

Good news for everyone who just can’t get enough of CampZone. We now have our very own Discord Channel! Join us here for everything CampZone and the community that visits our event. Come and hang out in our lobby where you can discuss the newest games or things about CampZone, or find other gamers eager to play a game with you. Discord can also be used during our event to communicate with your team in the competitions.

Where can I find this channel?

Discord is the perfect place for all CampZone visitors to easily find each other, all year round. Don’t fret asking simple questions here either, because the organisation too regularly hangs out on Discord! To gain access to our CampZone channel, simply¬†click this link.

What is Discord and where can I download it?

Discord is a free all-in-one voice and text chat app for gamers, available on pc and smartphone. Think of it like a mix between TeamSpeak and Skype with communities for all everything you like. The pc app can be downloaded via the Discord site.