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Soap Soccer

Slipping and sliding, falling and getting up again, just the usual things for our latest activity that we’re announcing today. One of CampZone’s Classics is back to bring the participating teams closer together and closer to the ground than they’ve probably wished for. This ruthless activity provides fun for people young and old, big and small and will determine which team will be crowned the Champions of Slip of CampZone. So slap on that extra layer of velcro and duct tape under your feet and get ready for our Soap Soccer activity!

Soap Soccer as an activity is pretty self-explanatory. We’ll place an inflatable soccer arena with goals on our activity field and completely cover it with green soap as if it was a food caked
oven after a lasagna exploded inside of it that desperately needs cleaning. Then it’s up to the contestants to try and play a regular soccer match and score as many points as possible without planting their faces in the dirt every other second. At the end of the day you’ll be tired, broken and bruised with a nice glistening layer of soap covering you. But hey, at least you’ll be clean.

Soap Soccer  
FormatTeams of 4
Starting TimeFriday July 31, 12 PM
Sponsored by:TBA