CampZone | Pokémon GO Trainer Battle
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Pokémon GO Trainer Battle

CampZone and NWTV will be teaming up once again during the event. Not only does NWTV keep their audience up to date on all the daily news and tidbits about the gaming industry, they also lead the biggest Pokémon GO community of the Netherlands! Visitors of CampZone can compete against each other in a glorious Pokémon GO Trainer Battle tournament. The tournament during CampZone will consist of a mix of the three different classes in the game and will most definitely end in a nerve-wracking finale match between the best Pokémon GO players of CampZone.

The Pokémon GO Trainer Battle tournament will be held on the activity field, or in case of bad weather near the HMO tent (NWTV’s headquarters during the event). Prizes will be announced at a later date.

Pokémon GO Trainer Battle  
Format1v1 Free for All
Starting TimeFriday July 24, 1PM
Sponsored by: