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Real Life Pong

From the makers of Duck Hunt XL comes one of the most iconic and classic videogames, straight to CampZone 2019. It’s Pong! Seeing as this project was spawned from the minds of the guys who brought us a giant duck hunting construction for the previous edition, this particular Pong game will not just be your average console version which we all grew up with. Fitting with their repertoire they’ve added a modern and life-sized twist to Pong, resulting in Real Life Pong (Physical Pong)!

You won’t use any controllers or massive old-timey televisions for this version, but there will be lots of lights and long ropes. Real Life Pong is played on a gigantic metal construction measuring up to 50 square meters! Move your Pong bar by using the ropes up and down to make sure no one scores a point on your side of the field. Simple as it should be, because Pong doesn’t need to be complicated. Prepare for the most physical game of Pong you’ll every play (besides actual tennis)!

Real Life Pong  
Starting TimeTuesday July 30, 2 PM
RulesClick here
RegisterRegister here
Prizes1st2x HyperX Alloy FPS RGB Keyboard
2nd2x HyperX Cloud Alpha
3rd2x HyperX XL Mousepad
Sponsored by: