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StarCraft II

In line with our new Space theme for CampZone 2019, we of course have to have a competition for a game that fits in with this theme.  Strategically build up your line of defense or overwhelm your opponent with a well timed rush in StarCraft II!

Time to sharpen up those micromanagement skills! StarCraft II can be considered the true king of the RTS genre and even though its popularity isn’t what it used to be, the game is still widely supported by various dedicated groups. Even a few of our competition admins are fans of the game and RTS in general, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to bring StarCraft II back to CampZone for its moment of fame.

Choose your favorite faction out of the existing Terran, Protos or Zerg and get to work to fortify your base by collecting resources. Make proper use of the right tactic for your situation to outsmart your opponent. Maybe you’re someone who’s the absolute best at building an impenetrable blockade, or perhaps you like to go all-in by using the classic zergrush technique to burn down the enemy before they have time to react. Whatever it is, make sure to get in tons of practice and you might even end up to be the winner of our StarCraft II competition!

StarCraft II  
Starting TimeSaturday August 3, 1 PM
RulesClick here
RegisterRegister here
Prizes1st1x Wooting One Keyboard
2nd1x Seasonic PSU
3rd1x Medion Erazer Muis
Sponsored by: