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Nacon and NWTV PowerPoint Karaoke

Introduced two years ago as a fun extra activity, the hilariously insane PowerPoint Karaoke has been getting quite popular, with seats filling up in no time. In these years we’ve seen quite a number of unbelievably surreal presentations come by, with entire encyclopedias of made-up “facts” concocted out of thin air. We’ve been slowly gathering new PowerPoint presentations and they’re starting to pile up rather quickly now, so that can only mean it’s time for another evening of fictional slideshows. Show us your creative improvisational skills, or at least a talent for spouting nonsense, on our stage during the PowerPoint Karaoke!

PowerPoint Karaoke will push your improv-skills and knowledge about useless facts to the limit. Take to the stage where you get to present for the audience! The twist is there is no way you’ll know just exactly what it is you’ll be presenting about. We’ll give you a random PowerPoint presentation which we found in the darkest nooks and crannies of the internet. It’s up to you to give a coherent presentation about the subject handed to you. What you do to make it more pleasing and entertaining can be completely freestyled! Singing, pictionary, make it serious or come up with the biggest pile of nonsense mankind has ever seen, we’ll probably know just as much about the subject as you do.

The best/funniest/most random presenters will receive a nice prize for their high effort improvisational skills to bring home. Participators just need to be present in the Stage Area when we kick off, we’ll choose random contestants in the audience based on time, who then get to have their five minutes of fame on stage. There’s no need to prepare for this, mostly because that’s impossible, so good luck to you all!

PowerPoint Karaoke  
Format1 speaker, set amount of time
Starting TimeWednesday July 29, 8 PM
RegisterWatch the stream at
Prizes1st1x FRITZ!Repeater 3000
2nd1x HyperX Cloud Stinger Core
Sponsored by: