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Are you up to building electric vehicles, programming an Arduino, or tinker with LEDs, Wi-Fi, robots and such? And do you enjoy having other like minded people in your vicinity? Then claim a spot for your tent on the brand new HackZone field at CampZone to be as close to all of this as possible, because HackZone is the place to be at CampZone to go crazy with all sorts of tinkering or other crazy things!

No experience? No problem! HackZone allows for professionals, beginners and anyone in between. As long as there are bits and bytes flowing through your body, HackZone is the place to be. Workshops, presentations, activities and hacker-challenges such as a Capture the Flag (CTF) are organized to make sure that you will be up to speed with all kinds of new and interesting possibilities, and you can learn about robotics, soldering, security and much more!

HackZone has laser cutters, 3D-printers, welding station (MIG), soldering stations, robots and a lot of friendly faces. You can work on your own project, join workshops and attend presentations.

Whether you’re on the field with your tent, or just dropping by: everybody is welcome.

Cool stuff to do

The HackZone event badge

During CampZone it’s possible to support HackZone by donating money. If you donate you’ll get the event badge: a creative PCB in the shape of Donkey Kong which you can hang around your neck with a lanyard and allows for all kinds of funky things. By default it will allow you to turn off all kinds of TV’s, as it can imitate all kinds of infrared remotes, allows for 433MHz connectivity, plays music and can animate RGB LEDs. It’s build upon a full Arduino microcontroller which allows you to do anything you can think of. In short, it’s just awesome!

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Capture The Flag (CTF) compo

Deloitte has designed a special CTF for CampZone. In this CTF you can show off your 1337 hacking skills by beating challenges in both software and hardware. From web security to analyzing binaries, it’s all there. This competition runs from Wednesday through Friday, with a special live final on the last day.

Winners will win some cool prizes and eternal fame as 31337 h4x0r5 at CampZone!

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The tinkerchallenge

Build your own robot and safely transport an egg across a course (! During this challenge you will be up against other teams who have their own builds. Join and win some cool prizes!



We’re not quite sure about which shape or form, but this year you will also be able to flood our CampZone fibre with pixel packets! During this full-event game Pixelflood you can transmit special packets which allow you to change one pixel on a big screen. All participants are fighting for the same screen real estate trying to push their picture, gif, video or even stream a game on the same screen.

Using some clever tricks, or just plain violence. Can you hog the 10Gb connection of the server? 😉

The Weller soldering workshop

Back from never being gone! During CampZone you can join a workshop where a representative from Weller will learn you Surface Mount Device (SMD) soldering. This is soldering of those miniscule parts/chips you barely can see. Under the supervision of Daniel van Daalen you might even be able to master this skill in a short time. Not only a worthy skill to have, but also allows for bragging rights on your next family gathering.

VUSec GLitch

The famous guys at the VUSec-group at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam have done it again. After taking over VMs in public clouds using rowhammer and releasing the first Android root without abusing any software bug they’re back again, with a whopper:

Researcher Pietro Frigo will show how GLitch will allow to use WebGL in a browser to alter certain bits in RAM without the OS and/or CPU noticing. This can allow for non-authorized code to run on a phone, all by visiting a website.

Read more.


HackZone is for anyone who enjoys DIY, tinkering, soldering, and/or programming. On this special you will see field robots, electrical transportation, blinking LEDs and all sort of other crazy things being build. Just because we can.

Interested? Then please drop by!

Anyone can put a tent on the HackZone field or rent an army tent. Please be aware that this field will be primarily used by the kind of visitor that enjoys to make cool or even crazy things. If you don’t want to be placed next to a buzzing motor or a welding machine, then you’re better off on a different field.

For questions you can reach out on:

Images courtesy of @RaspberryPiNL