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CampZone has multiple cosplay related activities. On this page we’ll show you what’s available.

Saturday 25 juli | Cosplay Contest: Walk on/walk off More information | Sign up

Sunday 26 juli | Low Tech Cosplay | More information | No sign up required

Sunday 26 juli | Cosplay World Masters Qualifier Sign up

Cosplayers need a cosplayticket. Please contact us about it.

During CampZone there’s a lot to do (and win) for both starting cosplayers and veterans of this hobby.


During CampZone there are two big cosplay competitions with different styles. There’s a walk-on walk-off cosplay contest. Thanks to good lighting, music and even pyrotechnics, cosplayers will always be able to show their best.

There is also a cosplay contest with ‘acts’. During this contest contestants have to put on a play that fits their character, using self made videos and/or audio. This show is the moment that the characters really come to life.


There is also a contest for the super creative cosplayers, the Low-Tech Cosplay Contest. Contestant receive a bunch of ‘trash’, such as carton, paper and tape, and have to create a cosplay as a group within four hours.

Photo- and videographers

To capture your creations there will be fantastic photo- and videographers present at the event. Each cosplayer will have the opportunity to be captured professionally on photo and video on a beautiful, fitting location.


Besides the cosplay contests there are plenty of other activities for cosplayers to do. Our regular program is filled with fun activities and competitions for fans of all kinds of games.


Photos by Jeroen Weimar and Vincent Lee