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CampZone is the biggest gaming event in the Netherlands. Eleven days of fun and joy makes it the best holiday ever! Camping in the outdoors, superb games, enjoyable outdoor activities, live acts, dancing and of course a campfire. Is gaming your passion and are you ready for an unforgettable holiday? Then really don’t miss out on CampZone! Who wouldn’t want to spend fun time with friends that way?

At CampZone we’ll make sure to facilitate a special catering area for all your fastfood needs. Have a craving for some kebab, french fries or some other special treats? Then this is the place to be!

Are you a real diehard camper that prefers to cook on his own stove or BBQ? That’s also fine! You are free to bring your own food and drinks to the CampZone site. You can also bring your own BBQ as long as you keep your safety and that of others in mind. There is one mandatory rule: keep a bucket of water or sand near your BBQ. That way you can immediately put out the fire in case of trouble.

CampZone is a unique event with everybody camping on a large field. You have to bring your own camping gear, since we don’t have it all set up for you with tents, tables and chairs. Don’t have camping gear at home? No worries! You can rent (army) tents, ground sheets, floor decking, fridges, tables and chairs from our webshop.

Of course you should also bring your gaming gear. Every tent and caravan on the field contains several computers, laptops and/or game consoles. All those systems are connected via the fastest computer network possible.

CampZone is a very diverse event with all kind of activities. We can hear you think, well that must be all about a bunch of geeks in tents. Wrong! Besides the gaming and the competitions we are organizing, there are many different activities. We organize all kind of outdoor games, like soap soccer, live Cluedo, a pool fight, an obstacle course and a QR quest game. In the evenings there is no time to fall asleep next to your tent, because there are foam parties, live bands, campfires and dancings!

Network is the most important thing during CampZone, since we can’t game without it… We will therefor take good care of your access to the super-fast 10 Gbit network with gigabit client ports!

Of course we also enable a very fast internet connection during the event. You will share your connection with all the visitors of CampZone. That’s why the internet could sometimes be instable. We will do everything to fix any problems as they come up, so you can still update your friends and family on all the happenings at CampZone!

In the first place you should bring your camping gear or you can rent it in our webshop. Secondly, you have to bring your game gear of course, for example laptops, cables, power cables (approximately 25 meters), a switch and a power strip.

You have to share 1 power group (3560 watt) with 4 to 5 people. Be aware about power consuming machines like water heaters, electric BBQ’s, waffle-irons, etc. Enormous power users like heaters, dishwashers and air-conditioning are not allowed!

Which games do we play?

You can play anything you like at CampZone, but there are competitions
with prizes to be won for the following games.

Mario Kart
Super Smash Bros.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Rocket League

League of Legends
Teamfight Tactics