CampZone | CampZone 2021 shop and donation option
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CampZone 2021 shop and donation option

CampZone 2021 shop and donation option

Time for a new update. First, we would like to thank you all for your support and positive reactions. We hope that you are all in good health and are doing well. To distract you from the boredom of quarantine, we will soon announce our plans for CampZone Online, which we want to talk you through during a Discord meeting. To ensure that we don’t reach Discord’s maximum capacity, we want to ask you to appoint a ‘tent leader’. This way we can keep as much communication within CampZone as possible. More about this later!


Donations and CampZone Online T-shirt

In our previous update, we, unfortunately, had to inform you that we had to cancel CampZone 2020. Immediately, some of you asked if it was possible to do donate. We greatly appreciate this initiative! That is why it is now possible to buy a ‘donation ticket’ in our webshop.

Beneath the header ‘CampZone 2020 Online’ there is a donation option for 5 euro and for 10 euro. The ticket that you will receive in your email doesn’t do anything and you can remove it if you want. We will add more options later, including the CampZone 2020 T-shirt. The design of the shirt is currently being made by the overly enthusiastic Nick of Clan Badjas. We are very curious as to how it will turn out!

CampZone 2021 webshop

We have turned the webshop into the 2021 version. When you buy a ticket now it will be a CampZone 2021 ticket. Undoubtedly, one of you will notice that the date in our webshop states that it is from Juli until August. This is because the exact date isn’t 100 per cent certain yet.

Keep your ticket, enjoy it later

Just like for other event organisations this is a tough year for us. We hope that you want to help us by not refunding your CampZone 2020 ticket and keeping it for CampZone 2021 instead. That’s why we are assuming that you will keep your ticket. A website has been created with information about why it’s so important to not refund your ticket. More information about this initiative can be found at

If you do want to refund your CampZone 2020 ticket then you can do so until May 31 2020 by using this form. After this date Eventix will refund your ticket. If you don’t fill in the form then your order will automatically be changed into a CampZone 2021 order. On our FAQ page we have added a ‘Corona FAQ’. Did you receive your ticket from an external partner? Then your ticket will be changed into a CampZone 2021 ticket.

Campzone Wall of Fame

We want to thank everyone who chooses to donate or keep their ticket by creating a Wall of Fame page and giving all of you a special Discord role. After the deadline of May 31 2020 we will create this page by means of a form. In this form, you can fill in the information you gave to Eventix, your nickname, tent group and Discord account. We will check this information and add your nickname and tent group to the Wall of Fame page. On Discord you will then receive a new role as soon as possible.