CampZone | Rabobank Silent Disco
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Rabobank Silent Disco

Party on until the early hours with all your friends and just going ham to the sickest beats, without having your neighbors file a complaint for noise disturbance? Our silent open air disco keeps the party going and the neighborhood quiet. It’s fun for all the spectators wondering what is going on, but even more fun for all the people with a headset on and dancing to the beat of the music. Whether you just want to relax, listen to music and hang out near the campfire or want to show us your best dance moves, grab yourself a headset and celebrate the dat together with us during the Rabobank Silent Disco at CampZone!

We will have headsets ready to go for all you silent partygoers to enjoy live music. We don’t know yet what kind of music will be played so just wait and see what the DJs mix up for us, but looking back at the previous edition the Silent Disco promises to be one amazing party!