CampZone | New rental items: Army tents and speedseats
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New rental items: Army tents and speedseats

Army tents belong at CampZone, they are ideal for large groups during the event. As usual, you can rent army tents via us. It’s also important that you can sit comfortably during CampZone. That is why we also offer Speedseats. Both items are now available in our shop! We don’t have an endless supply, so if you want to guarantee a dry place to stay and/or a nice seat, then don’t wait any longer. There’s also the possibility of renting a wooden floor for your tent.

What we’re offering:

– UK1 army tent 5x5m
– Floor for the UK1 5x5m
– Groundsheet for the UK1 5x5m
– UK2 army tent 5x10m
– Floor for the UK2 5x10m
– Groundsheet for the UK2 5x10m
– Speedseats Sport
– Speedseats Comfort
– Speedseats Comfort XL
– Speedseats Relax

The tents will be set up for you before the event so that you can enter them as soon as CampZone opens.