CampZone | End of the first ticketperiod
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End of the first ticketperiod

Today is the last day of our first ticketperiod. After today, all of our tickets will become more expensive.

Today the tickets cost:

Full event: € 249,-
Midweek: € 119,-
First weekend and launch night: € 99,-
Weekend: € 79,-
1-Day ticket: € 39,-

From April 1 until May 31 the tickets will cost:

Full event: € 279,-
Midweek: € 139,-
First weekend and launch night: € 109,-
Weekend: € 89,-
1-Day ticket: € 49,-

 Get your tickets now and safe up to €30! Are you still unsure about getting a ticket due to the coronavirus? Don’t worry. If the event is cancelled then everyone will get their money back as we announced earlier. Do you want to know what our program will be like? You can check that here.