CampZone | CampZone recap
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CampZone recap

We have announced quite a few things for CampZone lately, that’s why we’ve made a recap.

What can I do at CampZone?

A large part of our program has already been announced. Here are some of the most important parts:

As always, we will have multiple cosplay contests during our weekend. During these contests, cosplayers will show you their costumes and acts that they’ve worked on for months. There is also our Low Tech Cosplay Contest in which everyone can participate and try to turn trash into something beautiful. Besides cosplay, we also have a couple of well-known games on our program like Mario Kart, Tetris and Hearthstone. The highlight of the weekend will be our bingo which everyone has been looking forward to for the entire year. There’s something to do for everyone.

During the midweek of our event, there will be many different types of activities. For our serious gamers, there will be tournaments like Teamfight Tactics and Rocket League. You can also show off how much game knowledge you have and which shows you watched by participating in our game- and tv tune quizzes. It’s also important to keep exercising. That’s why we have a couple of physical activities like soap soccer and archery tag.

Of course, we kept a couple of fantastic activities for the end of CampZone. Besides the prize ceremony and the party with which we will end another amazing event we will also have a Beat Saber tournament and, as always, there will be another Real Life game like we had Real Life Pong last year.

What’s currently in the shop?

Lately, we’ve added some new items to our shop.

From now on you can rent army tents and Speedseats. When you rent an army tent through us we will ensure that it will be ready for you when you arrive. This means that you don’t have to worry about setting up your tent before being able to enjoy CampZone. We’re also almost at the end of our first ticket period. After March has ended, the ticket types will rise in price. A Full Event ticket will then cost €279. Save yourself €30 and buy your ticket now. You only have a few days left to benefit from our early bird discount.

Coronavirus update

Lastly, we want to talk about the coronavirus. Lots of people are currently stuck at home and we can imagine that you’re wondering if this will have an effect on your favourite summer event. Despite that events have been banned until June we are currently continuing our preparations for the event. There is currently no reason for us to cancel the event, but should this change then everyone will be refunded. More information can be found in our coronavirus update.