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Rabobank Live Cluedo

CampZone means eleven days of pure fun, celebrating your time off and working hard to earn those sweet prizes. But be careful when you’re there, CampZone isn’t as safe as it might look because each year we seem to discover a freshly murdered victim, courtesy of an unknown coldblooded killer. For as long as this intriguing “tradition” has been going in, we expect to find a new corpse this year as well. Preventing this seems nearly impossible, so we’d like to be as prepared as possible to solve this annual mystery in the blink of an eye. Of course we want to put the person who does these foul things behind bars for good, but we first have to track the culprit. Fortunately we don’t have to do this by ourselves because each year we can count on a few small groups of eager junior detectives (and some veterans). So who might these intellectual investigators be, you may ask? Well, that would be you of course, the visitors of CampZone!

During our Live Cluedo, your team of skilled trackers will be sent to certain spots all over the CampZone terrain to find out who’s behind these horrible deeds. The various Field Admins each have their own suspicions about who this sneaky murderer might be and how they performed the murder, but they won’t give up their information willingly. Each Admin has prepared a handful of gruesome tests for your team to endure, and whoever lives to tell the tale will receive a hint to solve this mystery. The team that manages to earn all the hints and solve the riddle the fastest will be rewarded with glorious prizes and a sense of justice. No worries, we’ll make sure the criminal gets what they deserve.

Live Cluedo  
FormatTeams of 3
Starting TimeFriday July 31, 8 PM
RulesEach mini-game has its own rules
Prizes1st3x HyperX Cloud Stinger Core
2nd3x Noordkade Uitjes tegoedbon
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