CampZone | Wow! CampZone is 20 years old!
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Wow! CampZone is 20 years old!

Wow! CampZone is 20 years old!

It all started with the preparations of CampZone 1 at the end of 2000, so it’s time to announce our twentieth edition! Two decennia ago we started with this wonderful event and even today it’s still the most unique event you’ll find. In our opinion at least. Happy birthday to us!

We’re celebrating this 20 year anniversary from July 24, 0:01h until August 3, 12:00h. You’re all invited! We will have enough to do for both the young and the old gamers. Classics like Mario Kart, Smash Bros, FIFA, HackZone, cosplay, soap socer, Ultimate Allround Gamer and the CampZone Fair will return. Besides that we’ll make place for Teamfight Tactics, Tetris and a Speedrunner day. Various streamers and Rabobank will join in again, it’s promising to be a great year! We try to cater to all ‘branches of the big gaming tree’, so stop by.

We hope to be back at ‘Corridor 20 in Veghel‘, but after January 31 we can tell you more about this.

Click here for our ticket sale, including rental items. Please stay tuned for army tents.

We also have an event page on Facebook, which you can find here.