CampZone | The Ultimate All-Round Gamer Challenge
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The Ultimate All-Round Gamer Challenge

Ultimate AllRound Gamer 
Super Mario Maker 2Maintent
One Finger Death Punch 2Maintent
3D PinballMaintent
Tricky TowersMaintent
2048Rabobank (naast het cateringterras)
Beach Buggy Racing in een TeslaRabobank
Super TetrisWallylan (naast Tent Jeroen grenzend aan het activiteitenveld voor de Org)
Geometry Wars4Launch

The ultimate gamer is someone who feels at home with all genres of games. Shooters, puzzlers, platformers or racing games, it doesn’t matter, each game is mastered by this virtual genius without breaking a sweat. Through the years we’ve had a lot of superstars take to the stage during the prize ceremony, who’ve all proven their right to own the title of CampZone King of their game. But are they equally competent in other games, or do we have an undiscovered gaming god walking around at CampZone who just can’t wait to show off their skills? The Ultimate All-Round Gamer challenge will test everyone’s strengths and weaknesses to the limit by pushing you through a treacherous gauntlet of games old and new. Prove to us that you can master any kind of game by getting the highest scores and the fastest times.

The Ultimate All-Round Gamer Gauntlet at CampZone might just be the pinnacle of our competitions. For this challenge we’ll have not one, not two, but a grand total of ten different smaller competitions, all rolled up into one big activity. The Gauntlet will consist of games personally chosen by our competition admins and activity supervisors. To make sure everyone has a fair chance at competing we won’t spoil what games will be played, so all contestants can start at about the same level of skill. Improvising, problem-solving and adapting your tactics where needed are important qualities to have if you want to get through this challenge as smooth as possible.

For an entire afternoon, we’ll transform the Maintent into a pop-up arcade hall. Each participant will be scored based on his or her performance in each game on display. At the end of the afternoon, everyone’s score will be tallied up and we get to officially announce the Ultimate All-Round Gamer of CampZone!

Ultimate All-Round Gamer  
FormatTimed Gauntlet Free for All
Starting TimeThursday July 30, 2 PM, Maintent Start, various locations
RulesClick here
RegisterRegister here
Prizes1st1x Speedseats Sports Chair
1x Wooting One Keyboard
RecordholdersGamecardsdirect Steam Gift Card €10
Sponsored by: