CampZone | FRITZ!Box sponsors CampZone 2019
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FRITZ!Box sponsors CampZone 2019

Let the games begin… without hitches!

Game booted, headset planted firmly on your head, seated on your favorite chair: you are now completely ready for your big gaming moment. There’s tension in the air, because your online opponents have proven themselves to be capable gamers. But so are you! Your screen shows your character taking aim at an adversary. Everything’s fine, surely you can win this. But then? Lag! Suddenly the hunter becomes the hunted, and then it’s game over. How? It couldn’t have been your own skills failing, but instead this time it was your internet connection. Nothing can be more annoying than slow internet, especially when playing action-packed games. It doesn’t matter how skilled you actually are, in the end your connection decides if you deserve to win or not. That’s why a true gamer makes sure they always have the best router to back up their connection. Which one might that be? A FRITZ!Box of course!

The FRITZ! Product line consists of several different broadband devices for DSL, cable, LTE and fiber, as well as smart home products which work with the standard WiFi, DECT and Powerline products. When combined these devices ensure a fast, intelligent and safe home network. By using FRITZ! you’re guaranteed to have the best connection possible and the fastest internet. FRITZ! products are regularly updated with patches en quality of life changes, maintaining their stability and preventing the product from randomly disconnecting. Super fast gaming has never been more real than with the FRITZ!Box 7590, the top model router with an integrated modem for VDSL connections and for Gigabit speeds by making use of fiber, cable and wireless connections. So now there’s no excuse not to finally grab that highest score!

FRITZ! would love to show you what they have to offer for all the true gamers among us. Show us your skills in Guitar Hero 3, Quiz Nights or Capture The Flag. If you do well enough you might even take home one of the FRITZ!Powerline 1260E sets or their top model: the FRITZ!Box 7590!