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TV Tune Competition

Trivia, nostalgia and intrigue! Do you spend every minute of your free time latched onto your tv and invest your hard earned money directly into Netflix-accounts? Then you have a big chance to win even bigger prizes in our mind-dazzling TV Tune competition! Quizmaster Jur will test your television knowledge with a string of video and audiofragments designed to blow your mind. Keep your eyes open and your ears pricked up, because you never know what kind of diabolical questions our quizmaster has in store for you this year. Questions like “How many freckles does Bassie have without his make-up” or “What was the license number of the third car on the left in the right back corner back to front” are some of the easier ones you’ll have to answer.

Is this your moment to shine? Then grab yourself a buddy who knows just as much as you do about all the different affairs and plottwists of your favorite realityshow. Form the strongest team of two and let everyone know who the most brilliant tv audience ever is. Your knowledge and effort will be rewarded with some very awesome prizes!

TV Tune Competition  
FormatTeams of 2
Starting TimeMonday July 27, 9 PM
RulesDon't CHEAT
RegisterBe in the Stage Area when the competition starts, no need to sign up.
Sheets to fill in your answers will be handed out at the start.
Sponsored by:TBATBA