CampZone | Rabobank Solar Cooking Challenge
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Rabobank Solar Cooking Challenge

Test your camping craft skills with the Rabobank Solar Cooking Challenge

Patience, creativity and a lot of sunshine are the perfect ingredients for a well-earned victory in the Rabobank Solar Cooking Challenge. Your camping crafting skills will be put to the test in this challenge where you have to create a green alternative to the classic BBQ. The crafter who manages to prepare the most delicious dish in the most sustainable way by using the least amount of energy and waste of food will be rewarded with an awesome prize!

Rabobank feels it’s important to make sure we as a whole have enough food for everyone by providing it in a sustainable manner. By using just a few basic items to build a solar oven, this challenge is perfectly suited for this environmental mindset. Using exisiting materials and countering a waste of energy by smartly making use of the sun will make your oven the most durable and sustainable. You can earn extra points throughout the week by sharing pictures and experiences of building and using the solar oven on social media (#rabobanksolarcooking, #rabobank). On the final day (Friday August 2 or Saturday August 3 in case of bad weather) contestants have the opportunity to show off their construction for the judges at the Rabobank tent where your solar cooking creations will be rated.

Visit the Rabobank tent on Saturday July 27th at 1 PM for more information, sign up to receive your DIY Solar Oven starters kit and let’s start cooking! The finale will take place on Saturday August 3 starting from 1 PM at the Rabobank Tent.