CampZone | Rabobank Cyber Threat Talk
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Rabobank Cyber Threat Talk

Rabobank Cyber Threat Intelligence  –  Investigating cyber-criminal activity and undermining actors

Organizations as well as individuals rarely think about the amount of information they unwillingly funnel into the outside world and which in many cases is impossible to retrieve. Malicious actors know like no other how to fully utilize this information to compromise a target. Cyber Threat Intelligence is an intelligence discipline that works on collecting and analyzing this information to protect its direct environment.

During the presentation on Wednesday July 31st at 2 PM, a Rabobank CTI specialist will tell you all about how Rabobank analyzes these threats and how they use this to reduce organizational risks and undermine criminal factors. Besides the introduction to this field of work we’ll also show you some prominent example cases for criminal infrastructure and malware.

Everyone is welcome to attend this presentation in the maintent at CampZone.