CampZone | CZ19: Field Admins and the Floor Plan
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CZ19: Field Admins and the Floor Plan

Some of the bigger and important questions we receive each year can be compiled into two topics. ‘Who will be the Field Admins for this year?’ and ‘What will the map look like?’. Of course, it’s exciting information, not only because the Field Admins take care of each field, but also because you want to place your tent on a field that you can feel right at home at for eleven days straight. As it turns out, these questions aren’t as easily answered, what with all the permits we have to apply for and the many revisions that have to be made to the map to conform to the safety requirements. Fortunately for us we’ve got our permits and the fire department is satisfied with the current layout of our map, so we finally get to show it off to all our visitors! Returning CampZoners will probably recognize the names of our Field Admins for this year, and we’re more than thrilled to have them back at CampZone for another year. Without further ado, here are the Field Admins for CampZone 2019:

Feestjuh Online
Feestjuh Online has been known for ages as a relaxed and carefree field. Once again, this crazy group from Friesland (including adopted Brabanders, Hollanders and even a real Twentener!) will be your personal manager and Field Admin! Feestjuh always has a cup of coffee ready for anyone brave enough to visit them, so don’t hesitate to say hey. Their famous Pepper Wodka will also be plenty stocked! If it was up to these guys, their booze would definitely destroy more than you would want to admit.


THOR is a friendly group of students hailing from Eindhoven and its surrounding towns. Members have been visiting CampZone since 2012 and decided in 2015 to form a dedicated clan. As you can expect from a group like this, comradery and fun are priority number one and laughter should be heard all around. Each year THOR organizes a barbecue for the entire field so visitors can enjoy good food, good music and a cold beer together, hopefully accompanied by warm weather. Interested in enjoying CampZone together with THOR? Feel free to stop by their tent to have a chat, or poke one of their members on Discord for more information.

Better Than the Devil, also called =BTTD=, is home base for a fun and close group of CampZoners. They can be easily recognized by their classis arched tents and matching camouflage nets, which results in their camp looking like it came straigth from the army. But don’t be afraid of their military regime, because despite of all their rugged materials, they’re all just a bunch of very welcoming dudes from Limburg who’re always up for some fun. So pay them a visit to have a little chat and a beer, which gives you a good excuse to have an up close look at all that ‘army goodness’!

Clan BadJas
Clan BadJas is a (somewhat bigger) group of friends who do all sorts of fun stuff together. Where it once began as a simple LAN-party, CBJ has grown to organize various different events. LAN-parties, paintball and airsoft days, nothing’s too extreme for them. CBJ has been a prominent guest at CampZone for over a decade and they’ve established a positive reputation over all those years. CBJ consists of about fifty active members, with an odd twenty to thirty members present at any given random event.


Returning this year is a proper own field for hackers and tinkerers. The HackZone field is for everyone who loves soldering, welding, programming, lighting, WiFi, 3D-printers, and robots. On this wonderful field, with own Field Admins, there will be workshops and presentaties, there’s a huge public dome tent where anyone can come to tinker with stuff, and visitors work on super cool own projects. Check the HackZone page to see if this field is for you, because you do need to like being near weird stuff being built, and having people weld next to your tent.

At this point you’re probably wondering which Field Admin will be keeping an eye on which field, or are just curious for what the final layout of this nineteenth CampZone will be looking like. Well, the wait is finally over, because here’s the official map for CampZone 2019!

(Text continues below the picture, click on the map for a bigger version)

Even though the layout is very different from last year’s thanks to our new location in Veghel, we’re all quite positive about the look of this year’s edition. You might have already spotted all the possible spots for the rented army tents. Those of you who’ve rented a tent with us can expect to hear from us fairly soon, after we’ve closed the webshop for rental items. There’s still some time left to secure all your necessary items, but don’t wait too long. You’ll hear more about this in the coming days.

CampZone is quickly taking shape leading up to the event, and with just over a month to go we can’t wait to open the gates and let our eager visitors in. We, our Field Admins, all the helping hands and of course the visitors themselves are surely going to make this yet another great edition, with probably at the least a handful of memorable occurrences. CampZone is coming. See you there!