CampZone | 123-3D printers at CampZone
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123-3D printers at CampZone

It was one of our wildest dreams: an army of 3D printers that visitors can use to print anything they want. Thanks to sponsoring by, this will be reality at CampZone. 123-3D is a Dutch market leader in 3D printers and filament, and will provide a whopping 4 printers to the HackZone field, with enormous amounts of filament!

Volunteers of HackZone are organising an entire CampZone 3D printing service, where you can print your designs for free in one of many colours and materials! Have you not worked with 3D printers before? Then join in on our fun workshops, where you’ll learn how to prepare and print your models, and which tricks to use to print with amazing results.

Do you already own a printer and are you curious about the filaments and printer parts of 123-3D, or did you get so excited on the field that you want a printer of your own? During the event, a special URL will be shared that gives you a 10% discount on the entire assortment, including printers, printer kits, and parts to build one yoruself! On top of this, ordering during CampZone results in a chance to win € 250,- shopping credits for

UPDATE: delivery on the field is unfortunately not possible at the moment, due to technical issues with PostNL’s systems that refuse our address in an automated way in the sorting centre.

Curious which printers we’ll have during CampZone? Here’s a small summary with descriptions.

  • 2x Creality Ender-3: impressive printing quality for an affordable price. This printer is a favourite amongst many hackers nowadays.
  • 1x Creality CR-10 Pro: with a printing volume of 300 x 300 x 400mm, this is a beast of a machine. Extra features like automatic bed leveling and a filament sensor ensure even better ease of use.
  • 1x Creality CR-X: one of the flagships of Creality, with not only a print volume as huge as the CR-10 Pro, but also a second extruder. With this, you can make beautiful prints in multiple colours, or even make the most complex shapes by using water-dissolvable filament as support.