CampZone | Holiday pay? Join us at CampZone!
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Holiday pay? Join us at CampZone!

The sunny days and times of rest and relaxation are almost here, which means for a lot of people (at least here in the Netherlands) that they will receive their holiday pay! Don’t yet have a purpose for this nice yearly bonus in mind but still wish to escape from your daily troubles and nonsense for a few days? Join us at CampZone, the biggest outdoor gaming vacation by and for gamers!

Tickets are still available, as well as a nice amount of very useful items for your camping trip. Luxury items such as an army tent, tables and chairs, fridges big and small, gaming chairs and luxury sleeping lodges are all still in stock and decent extras for eleven days of camping. Have a look on our ticket page for a nice overview of what we have to offer and prices per product.

Now is also a good time to buy your tickets for CampZone if you don’t have yours already, because we’ll be raising the prices for all regular tickets just a bit very soon. CampZone works with discount periods for prices of the tickets, which means in our case the sooner you purchase a ticket, the less you have to pay for it. The current period (two) remains active up until¬†Friday May 31st 11:59 PM.¬†After the clock strikes midnight, we’ll only be selling our tickets for the prices stated by discount period number three which will cost slightly more than current tickets (but still less than the prices at the door). These discount periods are only applicable for admission tickets. So don’t wait too long to buy your tickets!

CampZone will open its doors in just a little under two months, and we can’t wait to celebrate the summer vacation with all our visitors. Will you be there with us as well? See you at CampZone!