CampZone | The CampZone 2018 Prize Winners
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The CampZone 2018 Prize Winners

The final day of CampZone 2018 has come and gone for quite some time now, but we still feel that despite the terrible heat this was one of the more memorable and awesome editions! We finally had what we could call a proper Summer, and the amazing feeling of CampZone that makes our event so special was fully noticable as well. Of course we also organized quite a few activities and compeititions where we would give away incredible prizes to the best contenders. So you can imagine the line-up of prize winners┬áto be once again quite impressive, and with this year’s Ultimate All-Round Gamer and its nineteen winners we’ve come up with a final, massive list. Congratulations to all the winners of CampZone 2018! Have a look below for a nice overview of all the winning competitors, sorted by activity and competition. Take a peek on our Facebook page for the photo album of our Prize Ceremony.

Competition1st prize2nd prize3rd prize
Trust Gaming FortniteTeam AntoonOmega
Gamecardsdirect Guitar HeroJelleh[HMO] Lean[GGWP] Ballistic
Corsair Head GoalSnipperT@CHenk en HarryTeam Noodle
be quiet! HearthstoneW4ZT3CHSternJPR
Dynamice League of LegendsTeam AntoonEZ Clap
ICTZ Mario Kart[CBJ] GravitySandwich[HMO] Dennix[FUBAR] Shiemsosne
Sandberg Mario Tennis AcesDerpieClown Sky HAHAHAKeycraftsman
Trust Gaming OverwatchLDT.LoudboizSnipperT@C
Netgear Nighthawk PUBGFaqqboisStraight Outta La CobreriaDotDotDot
Thermaltake Rocket LeagueHeelZiekConQueRWAT#
iiyama Smash Bros.SnorrepoesNimrasFeroxxy
ICTZ Surgeon Sim[HeelZiek] XcelentTom[PCP] Wiccy[PCP] Kim
Sony Worms Reloaded[TJ] Dokbob[TJ] JiePie[STFU] Robin
Activity1st prize2nd prize3rd prize
TP-Link Airhockey[GGWP] WakiwakiDimma[CBJ] Settler11
Thermaltake Archery TagTent JeroenFeestjuh Online
NWTV Beenenveegz0r[STFU] Sheep[LDT] Leon[C20] Damian
Gamecardsdirect Bubble SoccerJeetClan Trappist
Cosplay ContestRoar&ClankSkathicosPitsCrafts
Cosplay WM Qualifier[MMMC] MiraiLevy CosplaySammyscosplay
Deloitte ChallengeJorisssArmada[TJ] Globox
Low Tech CosplayTeam FailHet Mario Kart kindjeMetabee
Rabobank Live CluedoSnipperT@CHMO
Rabobank Moestuin Challenge[WL] Wally PLantje/ [PG] PGlantjeKarel B-LAMTHW Opa
Trust Gaming Ninja Run[WL] PeterJP[HMO] Rickerdd
ICTZ Pitch Your BullshitJorrit, Jan en Roeland
Nacon PPT KaraokeThiemo[TGG] MultispeedKalseru Cosplay
ICTZ Real Life Duck Hunt[STFU] SheepMSSHEPICzyro
TP-Link Slip 'n Slide[WL] PeterJPSonny
NWTV Stepmania[LAM] OsirisPower2All[LAM] Bonie
Stick WarriorsThiemo[Thor] SwebSam
Sandberg TafelvoetbalClan Badjas 2WallylamClan Badjas
Nacon TV Tune Compo[TJ] JoePieNotfall SpeckJWZ
Ultimate Allround Gamer1st prize2nd prize3rd prize
Ultimate Allround Gamer[TJ] JiePie[HMO] Dennix[STFU] Nemesis
Crazy TaxiSmagge
Ninja Assault[GGWP] Ballistic
Mario Kart Arcade[CBJ] GravitySandwich
Formule 1larsseh
Crash Bandicoot[CBJ] Settler11
Overwatch shootoutKeepertj
Beat SaberTONY
Donkey KongMerlin
Super Mario NES[HMO] Romy
Bomberman[TJ] Dokbob
Tetris[GGWP] Thaki00
Mario Odyssey[STFU] BjWild
Zty.peMister Milo
Tricky TowersCelien
The best1st2nd3rd
Competition teamTent JeroenSnipperT@CHMO
Activity teamWallylanSnipperT@CHMO
Competition player[TJ] JiePie[HMO] Dennix[CBJ] GravitySandwich
Activity player[STFU] SheepThiemo[WL] Peter
Overall teamSnipperT@CTent JeroenHMO
Overall player[TJ] JiePie[HMO] Dennix[STFU] Sheep