CampZone | Celebrate your vacation with 4Launch
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Celebrate your vacation with 4Launch

4Launch is making a comeback and they’re bringing everything they got with their presence at CampZone 2018! Like other years, 4Launch can be found in their own pavilion where they’ll be organizing tons of fun stuff to do during our event. In case you’ve forgotten something important for your computer while packing, 4Launch is sure to have everything you might need, and they’ll even deliver on the same day. Pay them a visit sometime during CampZone for a chat, info about the newest tech or to participate in one of their challenges!

Here’s a small overview of some of the things 4Launch has in store for us:

Assemblage competition
4Launch will be holding its very own assemblage competition during CampZone. Do you think that you’re the best and fastest PC builder of CampZone? This challenge is not just about speed, the PC also has to be able to boot and work flawlessly. Stop by the 4Launch tent and test your skills, the highest score will be rewarded with a nice prize!

Beat Saber Highscore challenge
This year 4Launch, together with Acer, will provide us with an amazing VR experience, and one of the most played VR games at the moment is Beat Saber. Are you the padawan who turns out to be a full grown Jedi when playing Beat Saber? Then come and try to set a new highscore and prove yourself worthy enough to be called a true Jedi. Worthy you are, prize you win.

4Launch Easter Egg Hunt
All techies love Easter Eggs, right? Well, we definitely do! Can you find the Easter Egg that’s hidden in our tent? Then you’ll win a VR Headset for a day!

On-Site Technical Service
Something always breaks when you least want it to happen, and it’s even more annoying when you can’t get it fixed yourself. To help you out, 4Launch has their own technical service available at CampZone, who’re ready to help you solve any problem when things go wrong. In case the repair takes longer than expected or if an important part is not in stock, you can borrow a Gaming PC/Notebook from 4Launch, so you can keep playing while they’re working.

Old Dutch Tech games
Now’s your chance to prove that you’re a true keyboard warrior and lord of the digital arena. Can you swing a mouse to the moon? Or are you the king of keyboard tossing? Can you hit a fly from a 50 meter distance with one eye closed and both hands tied? Show us your greatness in the Old Dutch Tech Games?

Have you found a new toy in our shop or in our tent and can’t wait to get your hands on it? Waiting doesn’t have to be long, because you can play with your new tech that same day¬†thanks to 4Launch! 4Launch and a handful of suppliers will make sure your delivery can be delivered that same day. When you order something before 12 AM, 4Launch will make sure you’ll receive your order on the same day, just stop by our tent to ask if your product of choice is in stock and instantly deliverable.
Should you have more questions about our supply and delivery possibilities, the 4Launch is always open for guests.