CampZone | Rent a Speedseats chair
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Rent a Speedseats chair

Are you a fan (like many others) of gaming while seated, but absolutely not a fan of our usual CampZone chairs? When spending eleven days at an event, you preferrably want to sit on something that can properly support your back. In general our trusty chairs are pretty decent, but not everyone might feel the same about them. It’s a good thing then that our friends over at Speedseats are more than willing to make their comfortable seats available for use at CampZone. These brilliant Belgians will be bringing their Gaming Chairs with them to ensure both you and your back can relax and recharge while enjoying CampZone.

Starting today, we’ve got two different Speedseats models for rent in our CampZone webshop. When you order a chair, Speedseats will make sure it’s ready to be picked up upon arrival near the entrance of our event. No more unnecessary hassle with trying to fit your own chair into the car, because we all know that bit of extra space can be better used for other important things (like beer, bacon and. . . that’s right, burgers). So what models exactly can I choose from?

Speedseats Gaming Chair : An ergonomic chair sporting a fresh new design, this latest V6-model offers a ton of quality and comfort. Thanks to its shape you’ll be playing games hour after hour, with the Speedseats chair helping you retain the correct posture. This model is available for rent starting at €40,- .
Speedseats Gaming Chair Deluxe : This Deluxe model is designed to the standards of the V6-model, but offers a lot more nifty extras which elevate this chair to a whole new level. Its wider cockpit-seat design, a more robust base and use of super soft fabric all have something valuable to add to your ultimate gaming experience. We might be at a camping, but a bit of extra luxury is always a welcome addition. This Deluxe chair is available for rent in our webshop for €50,- .

Do note we’ve only got a limited supply available, so if you want that luxurious support your backside deserves then don’t wait too long! Besides that, it’s only possible to rent a Speedseats chair for the entirety of CampZone (eleven days, starting on July 27th running until August 6th). At the end of CampZone the friendly gentlemen of Speedseats will be hanging around near the table intake, where you can hand in your rented chair after confirmation. Extra depositary fees are not needed when renting one!

Unlock the need for Speed inside yourself and visit our shop as fast as you can to reserve your own luxury Gaming Chair, and soon you’ll be gaming like a true king!