CampZone | Deluxe sleeping tents now available in our shop
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Deluxe sleeping tents now available in our shop

We’ve got plenty of fun activities, competitions and festivities planned out for all our visitors during CampZone, which you don’t want to miss anything of. That’s why it’s important to get a good night’s rest so you can start the day fresh and participate in as much as possible.Of course you’ll bring your own trusty sleeping tent, but not every tent is as comfortable, waterproof or ideal for spending eleven nights in. Do you long for a proper (and fabulous) tent with an added 100% quality of rest to sleep in during CampZone? We now offer two new kinds of deluxe sleeping tents which will be supplied by Rechargers so that everyone can start the day bright and early. The following tents are now available in our webshop!

What models can you choose from?

The Energizer:

The Energizer is THE sleeping tent to give you all the energy you might need for CampZone 2018! It is capable of housing up to two persons, with an optional Nomad sleeping set available to rent (including a sleeping mat, sleeping bag and pillow). No worries about setting up The Energizer, we’ll make sure it’s set and ready to go upon arrival at CampZone, and that it’s picked up after the event by the supplier. This tent is fitted with a high quality inside and outside canvas, so it can withstand all types of weather! If you have any questions just check the Rechargers website or contact them. The prize for renting an Energizer tent for the entire event is set at € 84,70 excluding a sleeping set (Including two sleeping sets and lighting will cost € 121,- (Energizer Deluxe)), no further deposit is needed.

The Safari tent:

Require a bit more comfort? Then consider the Safari tent, suitable for up to two persons! Mix and match your interior and pick the color of the canvas, and we’ll make sure it’s ready when you arrive at CampZone. Enjoy the many fun activities CampZone has to offer from the comfort of your own front porch, because the Safari tent comes standardly equipped with a wooden floor. On the inside you’ll find two deluxe boxspring beds with enough leftover space for your stuff. Besides that the tent is outfitted with a wardrobe with built-in vault, electrical outlets with USB-connections, lighting and two chairs. The Safari model is available for rent during the entire event for € 302,50 for two persons (€ 242,- for one). The Safari Tent is very flexible in its decorational options, so do discuss the possibilities with the guys from Rechargers.

Both of these models offer a wide range of customizable possibilities to choose from, like changing the color of the canvas, what kind of print you want to have on your tent and of course various additional items like beds and lighting. When you decide to rent one of these tents, after having received a confirmation the supplier will contact you to walk through all the options they have to offer. So if you’ve always wanted to sleep in a super awesome Pug-tent, now’s your chance! You can find these tents in our webshop.

Don’t forget we also offer large army tents , supplied by Donselaar Tenten. Especially useful for larger groups who don’t yet have a general place to house their gaming equipment or teammates. We still have a good amount of tents available , but don’t wait too long! Visit our Rent-a-Tent page for more information on these army tents.